Know Your Property, Know Your Tenant!

20th June 2017

You rent out your property, so you’re not going to be there particularly often, and while the majority of tenants will ensure it is kept to a high standard, there are some who may “paper over the cracks” or worse.  Here’s how as a landlord, you can avoid getting caught out:

Know Your Property

Be aware of how everything should be in your property. The condition of the rooms, the layouts, the situation on previous visits; all of these factors are vital to maintaining the value of your property. Many landlords may just let these things slide and may not actively conduct a thorough review of the property upon each visit that could ultimately leave them out of pocket.

Stay on Top of Things

Regular, quarterly visits can help you to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Whether these visits are scheduled or not, visiting your tenants and properties on a regular basis may ensure that your property is well maintained. These regular visits can give your tenants the reinforcement they need to keep things in good shape on a day-to-day basis, as opposed to making the house presentable for one day every few months.

While regular visits are a tried and tested approach, many landlords simply do not have the time to do it themselves, and that’s where Porters can help.  From schedules of condition reports, tenant find services, reference checks, rent collections plus much more, Porters will take away the hassle of managing your property.

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