When managing your property yourself, you may not be as on top of things as you'd like and while the majority of Contract Holders will ensure their home is maintained to a high standard, this is not always the case. Here’s how as a Landlord, you can avoid getting caught out at the end of your Contract:

Start as you mean to go on

Having high standards before your property is let, sets the bar on the expectations you have from your Contract Holder. If there are marks on walls, paint over them. Grubby doors, wipe them. Skirts full of dust, flick over them with a duster. You get the gist! Letting the property out in a good condition means there's less opportunity for disputes at the end of your Contract.

Know your property

Be aware of how everything is at the property prior to move in. And when we say everything, we mean EVERYTHING. The condition of the rooms, the colour on the walls, any marks on carpets, kitchen counters, corners on stairs, woodwork, fittings and fixtures. Taking all these factors into consideration and recording the quality and standards at the property are vital to the end of Contract process and avoiding lengthy disputes over deposits. If you don’t have a comprehensive ‘move in’ report, you have zero chance of making any claims on a Contract Holders deposit should they damage your property. You must be able to prove everything.

Stay on top of things

Don't let things slide now you have a Contract Holder in place. If there are issues reported to you then address them as promptly as possible. We're not suggesting you repaint a wall because the Contract Holder doesn't like the colour, but if there are genuine maintenance issues brought to your attention, fix them swiftly. This is another way of showing your Contract Holder you're invested in the property and could encourage them to take a little more pride and care of the place they call home. *Also remember to keep on top of all your legal and regulatory requirements whilst the property is occupied to avoid any hefty fines!

Keeping on top of safety checks, regulations, legal requirements and repairs can be a full time job, particularly if you have more than one property. Landlords don't always appreciate how much of their own time can be absorbed when managing rentals. This is where Porters can help. From check in and check out condition reports, full management services, in-person visits, rent collections plus much more, Porters will give you back your time and take away all the hassle associated with managing your own property. With our knowledge and experience you can be assured your investment is in safe hands.

To find out more, either contact the office on 01656 766666 or email us porters@bridgend-uk.com.