Whether you are looking for a cosy cottage in a Welsh Valley, a seaside residence with views over the Bristol Channel, a family home close to Bridgend town or an investment property in a thriving rental location, there are plenty of properties out there for you.

Whilst we are not currently selling properties, we thought it would be handy if we offered a few pointers to help you with the process, after our many years of buying and selling on behalf of clients and personally.

  • Always remember that the Agent is working for the seller and not for you.

  • If the Agent is late, has no enthusiasm or knowledge on your viewing, bear in mind that this is the company you will be dealing with for the next 8-14 weeks whilst your purchase goes through...

  • Ask lots of questions during the viewing to gather as much information on the property, area and street as you can. If they don’t know the answer, they should find out and pass the information to you after the viewing.

  • View houses you don’t think you like, these are often the ones that are actually right for you! Sometimes it’s a process of elimination as you will rarely find everything you want in a property. Try to keep an open mind.

  • If you think you want to make an offer, drive to the property you like at different times of the day or night. This will either confirm your decision or change your mind totally.

  • Gardens, kitchen, bathrooms and windows cost a lot of money. Decoration is cosmetic and fairly cheap to change. Don’t be blinded by how pretty a property looks, check for any issues that could cost you a lot of money.

  • Choose a Conveyancer that uses modern systems to update their clients. Some Solicitors still use the post to communicate! You need a proactive Solicitor who will get the job done.

  • Don’t go back to measure up or get too excited until you are nearly ready to exchange. Anything can happen, particularly if you are in a chain so it’s best not to get overly enthusiastic and waste your time until you know the deal is nearly done.

Good luck with your search and we are always on hand for advice should the need arise!


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