Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from Landlords regarding letting a property in Wales and our letting services. We hope these help any queries you may have, if not please don't hesitate to call us on 01656 766666 or email us at

I'm considering letting my property, where do I start? 

Before you do anything, work out if you want to manage the property yourself and what is included in doing so, or if you’d rather take a more hands off, stress free approach by using an Agent to manage the property for you. If you’re unsure, we can run through each service with you for clarity.

I want to manage my property myself, what do I need to do? 

If you want to manage the property after your Contract Holder moves in, you will need to register AND become licensed as a Landlord with Rent Smart Wales, complete the training course and you will also need to register the property with RSW. We will need confirmation of what deposit registration company you will use as this will need to be written into your Contract. You will also need to provide your Contract Holder with proof of registration.

I have maintenance issues at my property can you arrange for these to be addressed?

As part of our Fully Managed Services we will handle all maintenance issues on your behalf, we will ascertain if the issue needs to be passed on to you or if this is something the Contract Holder should and can resolve. We will do this before we request your instruction. We can arrange for quotes to be obtained before any instructions are made. Once we have your approval for the works to be carried out, we will liaise with the contractors and Contract Holders to make arrangements.

Why do I have to fix certain things in my property? 

As a Landlord you have an obligation to ensure your rental property is fit for human habitation (FFHH). By tackling disrepair early and effectively, it can often prevent a dwelling becoming unfit for human habitation. However, this does not mean you are responsible for changing light bulbs and painting walls because a Contract Holder wants a colour scheme change, there are limits. As managing agents of your property we will ensure that only issues you are responsible for are brought to your attention.

My Contract Holder hasn’t paid their rent, what can I do?

If the rent has not been paid for over 2 months then you will be able to serve a Notice of Possession claim on the grounds of serious rent arrears. The notice is for 14 days and advises the Contract Holder that you intend to begin proceedings for possession of the dwelling. From this point we would advise you to take legal advice on how to proceed with an application to the Court for an order requiring the Contract Holder to give up possession of the property.

I’ve decided I want to end the Contract at my property, what can I do? 

If you’re still in a fixed term Contract then you will have to wait until one day after your fixed term ends to then serve your 6 months no fault Notice. If you’re under our Fully Managed service then we will arrange for the notice to be served for you upon your request.

My Contract Holder has given their notice to leave the property, I’d like to re-let what to do I need to do? 

If you are Finder Only and Let and Rent Collection you will need to arrange with your Contract Holders for us to visit to take photos in readiness to market. Once we have this, the property can be advertised and viewings can take place at an agreed date and time with your Contract Holders. If we provide a Fully Managed Service, we will arrange to take images and hold viewing appointments prior to your outgoing Contract Holder vacating the property.

I’m not happy with the condition of the property after my Contract Holders have moved out, what happens now?

Unless you have a comprehensive ‘move in ‘ report including photos, you basically don’t have a leg to stand on! There is a very good reason why we spend 2-3 hours reporting a properties condition prior to any of our Contracts starting. Hopefully you are either using our services or created a great report yourself, in which case you can now approach your exiting Contract Holders with a list of issues at the property and a cost to put them right or to compensate you. If an agreement can be made, great, you can refund the balance and unregister the deposit. If not, you will need to register a dispute with the deposit company that the deposit is registered with and provide evidence for each issue. As your managing agent, we will do this on your behalf. If you need a more professional approach to your armoury, we can provide a move out report to any independent, Finder Only and Let and Rent Collection Landlord at their cost. Please see our Landlord Fees for further information.