Following the pandemic, energy bills increased to significant levels. The rise in bills was enough to cause many households serious concerns on how they can afford to pay their bills. Although prices are set to fall, they still remain 40% higher than Winter 2021/22. With this in mind, we’ve put together some suggestions on how to reduce your energy bills and on a plus note reduce your carbon footprint this year too!

Apply For A Smart Meter

Smart meters are supplied free of charge by energy suppliers until 2025 in Wales. The meters provide frequent updates on the energy being consumed in your home to help you consider your budget and consumption of energy. Remember to request permission for the installation of a smart meter at your property. most Landlords are only too happy to agree.

Turn Off Plug Sockets 

Switching sockets off when appliances are not in use. Appliances can still draw power when they are plugged in, even if they aren’t switched on. To be sure, switch the sockets off to save money when you're not using your appliances.

Turn Radiators Down 

Radiators in rooms that aren’t in use are more economical if they are turned down to a lower setting. Avoid turning them off completely as this can make the boiler work harder to heat the entire house resulting in using more energy and cause issues in rooms with no heat like mould or damp.

Swap Light Bulbs

Using energy efficient light bulbs such as LEDs can reduce your energy bills and last longer than traditional bulbs.

Shower Instead Of Bath

Taking showers can be more cost effective than taking a soak in the bath. But, the length of time you shower will have an impact on the bill too so bear that in mind. Experts say that keeping showers to four minutes can be the most effective time to spend in the shower to save you money.

Reduce The Water Temperature To Wash Clothes

Use lower settings to do your clothes washing, detergents these days are made to work effectively at lower temperatures. Using 40 or 30 degrees will mean using less energy for a washing cycle.

Close Curtains And Blinds

During the Winter months closing your curtains or blinds are a great way to keep the heat in and reduce heating costs. During the Summer closing them can keep the heat out and help to maintain a comfortable temperature (not something we have to worry about too often in Wales!).

There are lots more tips on ways to make savings and reduce your carbon footprint available online!